Company Profile

FlexRun’s mission is to provide all the software services necessary to help business users achieve excellence in their execution. FlexRun offers reliable, intuitive and un-intrusive software solutions to make execution more efficient, more predictable and less time consuming.

Business Execution Management

Execution Management helps companies benefit from strategy, comply with regulations, and resolve business pains by ensuring actions are executed according to plan

"Strategy is very critical and strategy without execution is not worth anything"
Cecilia Claudio, CIO, Farmers Insurance Group, Inc

"Planning is nothing without execution"
Michael Dell, Chairman & CEO, Dell

"A bad strategy will fail no matter how good your information is. And lame execution will stymie a good strategy. If you do enough things poorly, you'll go out of business."
Bill Gates, Chief Architect, Microsoft.


FlexRun is a software startup company founded and supported by IT industry veterans. The idea came from first hand experience with the chaotic and unstructured exchange of information through paper and emails that they have witnessed again and again along their carriers. It also came from the repeated frustration they had with traditional operational systems that force us to learn their logic and don't adapt to the way we work. They wanted to build on the flexibility and universality of tools like spreadsheets while keeping the coherence and scalability that can only be found in a centralized system. FlexRun is their solution for achieving this.

Board of Directors

Frederic Baud, CEO and Chairman.
Frederic has twelve years of experience in the software industry. Prior to founding FlexRun, Frederic served as Director of Technology Strategy for Business Objects where he worked for 5 years and was instrumental in the development of WebIntelligence the Web version of Business Objects’ flagship product.
Before joining Business Objects, he was founder and CEO of “Éditions Gazelle”, a French software company offering multimedia authoring solutions. Frederic has a master's degree in engineering from Ecole Centrale (France).

Jérôme Jaunasse
Jerome has 20 years of management and operational experience in the enterprise software market. He spent ten years at Business Objects, latterly as Vice President, Europe, for Professional Services, leading a 200 people team across borders. Prior to this he was Managing Director for the French subsidiary, achieving revenues, margins and people growth during a changing economic environment.
He started his career as a Sales Account Manager with US corporations, Ingres Rdbms and IBM, and brings Sales experience in the IT industry, field execution management background and his passion for customer success. Jérôme holds an engineering degree.

Jean-vincent Finiel
Jean-vincent has 18 years experience as an investment banker. He is currently Head of Financial Institutions Group for France, North Africa and the Middle-East for WestLB AG. He is also Executive Director of WestLB’s Paris branch. Prior to this, he held several managing positions in the investment banking industry, in London and Paris.
He is a graduate of Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris, and HEC executive MBA.

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