FlexRun's Products

FlexRun subscription:
FlexRun is our complete solution for managing the follow-up of large and virtual teams. FlexRun is offered as an Application Service. This gives you all the power of our technology without worrying about setup or maintenance costs. You can tailor your campaigns to your needs and send regular mails asking for updates. By looking at the historical records, you can monitor how your internal execution is progressing.

MasterTable self service:
MasterTable is a technology preview offered as a free self-service. Without even opening a trial account, you can rapidly load a table and send different parts to different recipients by email. Through an embedded HTML form in the mail they receive, each recipient is able to provide an update on values for columns you would have selected. Submitting this form back via email, their answers are consolidated in the system and MasterTable offers you seamlessly the aggregated result through daily status reports. The entire mail process is done through pure HTML (zero javascript) permitting to circumvent any security concerns that deployments may have imposed.