FlexRun overview
Make follow-up a snap.

1 Load every week the desktop version of your spreadsheet in FlexRun after you have entered your modifications for the period.

2 Send emails to the team members asking for a status on their rows.

3 Team provide their update by filling out the offline HTML form they received in their email client and press send when they are finished. Results are mailed to the server, next time they reconnect.

4 Analyze the progress on the server, share the consolidated views with all by email as you see fit and download the updated version of your spreadsheet for further iterations.

Collect regularly detailed status via email
Through HTML form, you will be able to collect the status for each participant in a more efficient and less prone to error manner. Emails allow team member to provide their status when online or offline. By their asynchronous nature, they also let more easily people collaborate irrespective of different time schedules or even time zones. Finally, sending email at a regular pace is a good way to give momentum to your project.

Monitor progress
FlexRun stores historical values for each field. It lets you see what data have been changed at the individual and collective level. You can see at any time who has responded, send reminding mails or ask for additional information. You can measure how your project is progressing at the individual and collective level.

Share the collective results
You can send the results in a consolidated form to the different members via email at anytime. Multiple users can also be granted secured access to the server in different capacities for performing their own analysis or creating their own email campaigns. At any point, you can download an updated version of the original spreadsheet table and publish it in your internal document management system.