Privacy and security policy

We are committed to protect your privacy and the privacy of people you contact via email through the use of our products. We are in the business of making people flexibly collaborate and not in the business of using or reselling any information that could reside on our servers. In the case of products like MasterTable which operate on a self-service basis, any information you enter in our system is stored for the period necessary to complete the operation. When the process is over, information is discarded and space is redeemed for new operations. In the case of product like FlexRun, which are offered as a subscription, you keep ownership and control of your data at any point of time. We utilize some of the most advanced technology for Internet security available today. Access is offered via SSL to protect the privacy of the information traveling over the public network and data on our servers are protected by firewalls and other advanced security mechanisms to prevent any intrusion by unauthorized parties.

If you have any questions concerning privacy or security, please contact us at security@flexrun.com.