FlexRun's use case: management by objectives

Jill has been hired last year as Vice President of Business Processes for a 1000 global company. Her new company has grown over the last decade through a series of acquisitions across the globe. Her new job is very exciting, she has to manage the 9 Business Process Directors in charge of each regional headquarter her company has rationalized from the multiple acquired centers. Jill was daunted at some point by the complexity of managing people over so many time zones. In her previous job, she was a bit like the Directors now reporting to her, managing people for a local center. Jill decided to strengthen the use of the Management By Objectives approach that she had always favored. Instead of quarterly general objectives, she is now using FlexRun to follow-up on monthly detailed objectives that she and her direct reports define at the beginning of each quarter. She has noticed that her team was first slow to agree on more specific targets that they saw as a way of limiting their own latitude, but she convinced them that factual targets would be a sure way to alleviate a lot of the ambiguity that had been spoiling the efficiency in the team's working relationship. People now seems to accommodate the new process and enjoy spending less time reporting on their activity over the phone at undue hours. They even discovered that once the common milestones are attained, they have more leeway in achieving their own local objectives. Some people in her team with a lower command of the English language have also appreciated being able to report on their work in writing instead of verbally during conf calls.

FlexRun's benefits
FlexRun has allowed Jill establishing a working relationship with her team based on factual data. The use of email has made the exchange between her and her team much more comfortable from a time zone perspective and much more accurate than over the phone.


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