FlexRun's use case: project management

John is managing a project involving 16 people from different groups and geographies.

Every Monday, John is organizing a status meeting. People gathered around the conf call exchange the latest problems encountered and identify the needs for action or further investigations. Action items are defined and attributed to specific team members. John is maintaining this information in an Excel spreadsheet. On Thursday, John is loading the version of the week of his spreadsheet in FlexRun. Emails are sent on the spot to the different owners of the pending action items. By Friday noon, most of the members have given an update on their action items. John can send a reminding mail to the member who have not responded, or follow-up with a phone call to look for potential unanticipated complications. When the next status meeting arrives, John can provide a rapid and synthetic view of the progress to the team members and free the biggest part of the status meeting for collective exchange.

FlexRun's benefits

FlexRun has rendered a mostly manual and erratic follow-up practice into a dynamic and time structuring process. The collection of data is taken a fraction of the time it used to take and it give a pace to John's project. Most of the tedious and tiring follow-up part has been removed from the Monday's status meeting and it is now possible to spend more time on collective issues.


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