FlexRun's use case: quarterly sales survey

Beverly is CEO of a medium company. As soon as the quarter is closed, her CEO office prepares a series of reports based on data coming from the internal SFA system. These reports help her present to the board and see how well the company is doing according to plan. Lately, the office team has been using FlexRun. Repeatedly in the previous quarters, Beverly and the office team have indeed been in situations where they felt that the SFA system was missing critical data to explain the trends that the reports were showing. On a couple of occasions, Beverly even felt embarrassed when she received questions from the board that she had been asking herself and where she knew she missed the operational data to support her answers. With FlexRun, Beverly is now getting this data by surveying her sales force. When specific information is missing, she sends mails to the sales asking them to provide it on the deals she's trying to understand. For example, last quarter, she was able to go to the board with an exact figure on how many deals were lost because of the release of a competitor's new product and how many were gained back due to the new maintenance program attached to the company's existing flagship product. FlexRun is now an integrated part of the business intelligence analysis that is performed after each quarter.

FlexRun's benefits
FlexRun has complemented the SFA system. While SFA is more than adequate to track the recurring part of the business, it is unable to capture and analyze the circumstantial part of the operational results. FlexRun is allowing to follow-up on what is recorded in the internal systems and validate or not with factual answers what business managers previously could only intuit after a couple of discussions with people on the front line.


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